Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

The Benefits of of Laser Dentistry

With modern advances in dentistry such as Laser Dentistry, Alegria can perform many procedures more effectively and precisely. Only trained specialists are able to use dental lasers effectively to ensure that the procedure is safe. Most importantly,  laser dentistry allows our dentists to focus specifically on an area with minimal damage or irritation.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Patients will find that a procedure with a dental laser will have minimal bleeding; since the laser allows our specialist to focus on a specific area without affecting the surrounding tissue. This means that the procedure is less invasive than a procedure using regular dental tools. This will allow for a faster healing process and the possibility of bacterial infections is greatly reduced as well. At the same time, the precision of the laser itself means that the patient may not require sedation, and makes for a faster procedure and recovery.

What are the Uses for Laser Dentistry?

There are many benefits to laser dentistry. Dental lasers are used to detect cavities while helping reduce the number of bacteria in the cavities during dental filling procedures; removing the need for using anesthetic and a dental drill during dental filling procedures. At the same time, dental lasers are also used to seal up tubules, which are found on the root of the tooth and are responsible for tooth sensitivity. Lasers are also used to reshape gum tissue to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile and remove soft tissue folds caused by ill-fitting dentures.

Lasers can also help reduce the pain of cold sores and improve their healing. Dental lasers are used help with nerve regeneration with a process known as photobiomodulation and can assist in removing benign oral tumors. All of these procedures along with helping with sleep apnea, and assisting with TMJ treatments are some of the benefits of laser dentistry.

Very few dental offices offer the benefits of laser dentistry. Here at Alegria, it is important that our dentists not only use state of the art, modern technology; we ensure our dentists are effectively trained with this technology as well. Call us today to learn more!

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