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Many times, when someone smiles at you, you find it nearly impossible not to smile back. Your smile gives the world a clear picture of who you are. However, many people in the world today are unable to smile fully because of different dental diseases or even teeth loss. Thankfully, you can now leave this behind and have a confident, sophisticated and natural beautiful smile easily through dental implants. Dental implants are small, sleek, titanium screws that are implanted in your jawbone to give a firm base for the synthetic tooth. These implants are the most efficient and long-lasting treatment for patients with a missing tooth or teeth.

How are dental implants implanted?

The implantation process occurs in two phases. The first phase entails surgical placement of the titanium screws. After which permanent teeth are placed on the implant. These implants offer an effective solution to replacing missing teeth and supporting dentures as well as bridge work. Their ability to look and feel like real teeth make them the optimum solution. These strong and comfortable implants allow you to take your foods with ease and comfortably. However, you must exercise proper implant care by brushing, flossing frequently, as well as visiting the dentist regularly, avoiding teeth grinding and clenching and also avoiding smoking for more durable and beautiful teeth.

At Alegria Dental Center, we care for your smile. We are equipped with up to date computerized systems and high skilled practitioners to provide our patients with functional and aesthetic implants. Our staff aims at producing natural, reliable and superb results as possible. Our aim is sharing the happiness that others have received through healthy and elegant smiles. We are attentive to every patient and we see to it that we provide preventive dental treatment, family dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry among others effectively to ensure all we attend to all your dental needs.

Through an effective restoration of your smile, you will be able to lead a happier, confident and healthier life.Pay us a visit at Alegria Dental Center for professional consultation, treatment and excellent customer service to give you natural, aesthetic and strong teeth.

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